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Our members share a distinguished commonality - we love and believe in digital currency and its underlying protocol. Honeybadgr facilitates meaningful introductions based on your background, interests, and goals.


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Share some details about what you're looking for in the next step in your career. Who you are, what you do, what challenges you'd like to take on, and how much money you'd like to make this year.


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We do the heavy lifting for you. Our process removes the red tape and reveals inside details at leading companies - including the team you'd work with and its compelling challenges. Only talk with startups that interest you.


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Once a match is made, we'll set up an exploratory chat with a key person at the company. Often times this initial conversation will be directly with the founder. Then, we'll arrange next steps towards landing your dream job.


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We know a lot of folks are happy where they are. But, what if you could peek at amazing opportunities that could be around the corner.

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Join a community of builders and Bit-Startups who won't take no as they build the future of payments and finance.

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Matches are based on your goals and the choices you make. Your settings dial in the type of pitches you receive.

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We are focused on better understanding the goals of each candidate, the needs of each role, and creating meaningful matches.


We only share your details with a company once you are happy with the opportunity. No one will ever see your details, including your boss.


The team.

We have always held a fascination for connecting with those working on the latest and greatest technologies. Honeybadgr's roots were laid during countless table tennis matches while recruiting engineers at the Googleplex. Since then, we have helped build world class teams from early stage Y-Combinator startups to growth stage companies like Dropbox and AppDynamics. We think we can do our part in protecting virtual currencies by connecting promising companies with top talent - or as we affectionately call them...


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