Self-driving Cars: Stay Safe Or Risk The Unknown

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has decided to adapt to self-driving cars. You may be wondering what this means and whether or not it will affect your safety. It is important that you understand the risks of self-driving cars so you can stay safe while driving around.

NHTSA’s Decision About Self Driving Cars:

NHTSA will try to evaluate the risks of self-driving cars and how they may affect drivers’ safety. The agency will do this by working with automotive manufacturers on various topics, including backup systems, cybersecurity, ethics/values discussions for a machine intelligence system capable of driving, ethical decision making in an autonomous vehicle, and the adequacy of data recording for automated vehicles.

NHTSA’s Risk: Self-driving cars are considered to be safer than human drivers. This is because self-driving cars don’t need to focus on things like drink driving or texting while they drive. The risks that NHTSA is concerned with involve whether people will continue to use seatbelts and other safety features if they no longer have to.

NHTSA’s Safety Tips:

Self-driving cars will have a manual override button that can be used in emergencies such as getting into an accident or being assaulted by another driver. You must know where this emergency cut-off is located on your car.

Self-driving cars may have a feature that requires drivers to take back control once they are in motion at low speeds of 20 miles per hour or less.

There will be driverless functionality that would allow self-driving cars to drive themselves without the need for human intervention. However, the car still needs some form of human supervision.

Risks that NHTSA is Worried About:

Self-driving cars are expected to have fewer collisions than human drivers. However, self-driving cars will still be prone to “human” errors, which may cause crashes. – The risk of cyberattacks would also remain an issue for the future if people become more reliant on self-driving cars.

Nothing has been finalized yet. So, in the meantime, ensure that you drive carefully as there are many distracted human drivers on roads. Don’t shy away from contacting a personal injury law firm like Adam S. Kutner Accident & Injury Attorneys if you ever get into trouble because of someone else’s negligent driving.