Tips For Preventing A Truck Accident

Accidents involving trucks tend to be more deadly than passenger vehicles due to their size, payload, and high speeds. Let’s have a look at what ordinary drivers may do to avoid a truck accident.

Allow additional space when following a truck.

A bigger vehicle reduces your vision of what’s ahead, such as delayed or halted traffic, construction, or other dangerous road circumstances. It provides you more time to react if you need to make a rapid stop or swerve by leaving plenty of space between your automobile and the truck in front of you.

Keep out of the blind spot of the truck.

Examine the truck’s side mirror to see whether you are in the blind zone of a truck. For example, if there is no way to see a truck driver’s face when looking in the mirror, then the truck driver cannot see you either. Driving on the driver’s side of a truck makes it safer to pass a truck in front of you.

When a truck is turning, proceed with caution.

A truck needs more room to turn than a vehicle. In addition, the driver has reduced vision. Always provide more space than necessary when measuring the truck’s speed or turning radius as it approaches an intersection. Think of a situation where the vehicle is driving faster than you expected and is taking a long time to make a turn.

Be consistent.

This is crucial in any driving condition, but especially while driving near huge vehicles. Use unambiguous signals so that a truck driver can know what you’re going to do and modify their own driving accordingly. Never change lanes or make a turn without first utilizing your turn signals.

Quickly pass.

Only pass a vehicle if there is enough space ahead to do it quickly. Be sure to keep your distance from trucks and other large vehicles as long as possible. Tire blowouts and rollovers are common occurrences, and you don’t want to be beside a truck when one of these incidents occurs.


A few mistakes are just that: misfortunes. Unfortunately, even the most careful driver may get into an accident. However, by studying these truck accident avoidance guidelines from Hach & Rose, LLP and always driving with caution and common sense, you may possibly escape a fatal circumstance.