What Are The Signs Of Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

As per the National Library of Medicine, the water at Camp Lejeune was allegedly tainted with several pollutants, including benzoic acid, chloroform, and vinylidene. These substances have a history of causing cancer, birth abnormalities, and other severe health issues.

Health Issues Of Camp Lejeune Water Contamination:

The following health issues and signs have been connected to contact with the water of the contaminant at Camp Lejeune:

Breast Cancer:

According to studies, women who drank Camp Lejeune’s tainted water have a significantly increased risk of acquiring breast cancer than women who did not. Numerous factors could be to blame for this elevated risk. According to one theory, the toxins in the water can interfere with the breasts’ regular function and raise their chance of developing cancer. Another theory is that the pollutants could harm D.N.A. and cause cancer.

Esophageal Cancer:

This specific form of cancer starts in the esophagus, the muscular, hollow tube that carries food and drinks from your mouth to your stomach. Esophageal cancer makes up only 1% of all malignancies diagnosed in the United States yearly, making it a very uncommon disease. Swallowing issues, losing weight, and back or throat pain are all signs of esophageal cancer. 

Liver Cancer:

Additionally connected to an elevated risk of liver cancer is Camp Lejeune’s tainted water supply. According to research conducted by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), males who drank Camp Lejeune’s tainted water had a twofold increased risk of developing liver cancer compared to men who did not.

It is thought that people may have been exposed to toxins like benzene and trichloroethylene through contaminated water, increasing their risk of developing liver cancer. These substances have the potential to harm D.N.A. and cause cancer. There are many signs of liver cancer. These include a loss of appetite, exhaustion, abdominal pain, and hepatitis.

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