What Should You Do If You Get Hurt In A Virginia Semi-Truck Accident?

Imagine you’re driving to work on a busy highway in Virginia when a loaded semi-truck slips on the road and causes an accident. You’re fortunate since things could have turned out much worse, but your automobile is now ruined, and you’re suffering from terrible neck discomfort. So, what are your options? The following is a rundown of what to do after a truck accident in Virginia, including potential defendants and how you may determine culpability.

Call 911 immediately. The 911 dispatcher will send your call to the local police department and emergency responders if you’re on the roadway. Let the dispatcher know how many individuals are in the collision so that as many ambulances as are needed can be dispatched. The easiest option to have quick documentation of the accident is to file a police report, and the police will keep accurate records of all of the vehicles involved.

You could have injuries that don’t exhibit symptoms right away. If you later require medical attention for an injury, it may be challenging to prove that it was caused by an accident. You could also have an injury such as internal bleeding, which you may not know but which a doctor will detect. Request a comprehensive medical checkup at a hospital or your doctor’s office, even if you’ve been evaluated by an emergency medical technician on the scene.

At the site, take pictures of the evidence. If you are uninjured and it is safe to get out of your vehicle and stroll around. If there are any injuries and property damage, there may be several emergency circumstances that demand the police’s attention before they question witnesses. When it appears that the emergency response team has everything under control, well-intentioned bystanders who stopped to aid will most likely leave.

Getting a truck accident lawyer engaged as quickly as possible, whether you were in the truck accident or were a family member of someone who was, could be the key to your legal case. You may not be able to follow each of the steps outlined above if you weren’t at the scene of the accident as a loved one of an injured individual, but you can assist your loved one with the problematic insurance and legal process.

Many parties may be involved in a truck accident, such as the driver’s employer, the trucking company, the shipper, or the manufacturer, which can be complicated. Trucking is also subject to several special federal regulations, so it’s more than just observing the road rules and may take the assistance of lawyers such as ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers in case of any mishap.